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custom logo

Hallo Frank,
How do i embed a custom logo into Statplanet plus? I can't find it anywhere in the manual.

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Hi Parlby,
As of StatPlanet Plus version 3.0, an external logo can be set (any image file) which replaces the StatPlanet logo in the bottom-right corner of the application screen.This option is only available for the purchased licensed version.

I am using a licensed version of StatPlanet Plus and having trouble embedding a custom logo as well. Within the StatPlanet_data_editor worksheet, in the "Settings" tab I have found two cells referring to the logo: LOGO-N and LOGO-S. I have changed the LOGO-N cell to match the name of my external logo and placed the logo file within the 'web" folder, but the StatPlanet logo continues to load when I view the map. Is there a step that I am missing?

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Hi Ben,

Sorry to hear about this issue, that shouldn't be the case. The default value is 'logo.swf' and if you change that file name to e.g. 'mylogo.png' and have a file 'mylogo.png' in the 'web' folder, it should load this logo when you run 'StatPlanet.html' in the 'web' folder. If this is not the case, you can use the contact form http://www.statsilk.com/contact to let me know for which domain the licensed version was purchased and I will look into this issue ASAP.