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Data.csv files.

Call me a dolt, but how do you get the StatPlanet.exe viewer to "open" datafiles other than the default data.csv file that's in the file folder. I've made several World maps using the editor that I want to show people, but I can't open any but the most recent in the data.csv file. My "Open" is always grayed out. This is the free download version of StatPlanet.

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Sorry to hear about the issue faced. StatPlanet Plus has support for multiple data sets, for example by including them within a new category, and then switching categories within the application (as with the example data / structure that comes with StatPlanet Plus).

However, with the regular StatPlanet you could also create multiple instances, simply by copying/pasting the folder, as described here: http://statsilk.com/support/faq#multiple-versions

In StatPlanet Plus, it is also possible to have multiple data files in the same folder, with different names (data1.csv, data2.csv, etc.). Then using the file StatPlanet_options.html included in the 'web' folder, you can specify the name of the data file to load. Currently it includes the following line of code:

flashvars.data = "data.csv";
Where "data.csv" would need to be replaced with the new name. Several copies of StatPlanet_options.html could be made, each referring to a different file. In this case, it would therefore not be necessary to have multiple folders.
I hope that helps.