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Licensed user: How do I switch to full screen without error?

I am a licensed user about StatPlanet Plus.
2 months ago, I bought the program(StatPlanet_goe_go_kr). but I had a few problem.
At first,
Whenever I push the Switch to full screen mode button, I encounter this error message.
TypeError: Error #2007: Parameter displayState은(는) null이 아니어야 합니다.
 at flash.display::Stage/set displayState()
 at content_fla::MainTimeline/goFullScreen()
it cannot switch to full screen.
but at other free version- StatPlanet it works well.
Could you fix this error??
I uploaded the program which had licensed from you at below site.
(File - Download click~!!)
At second,
When I have executed the web version - StatPlanet.html in my computer, I have seen the message that is writed "For testing purposed only"
Is it right?? I am a licensed user.(StatPlanet_goe_go_kr).
If I upload our web server that have a domain name as the (*.goe.go.kr), does it work well??
Could you help me??
I am expecting your reply. thanks~

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Sorry to hear about your problems. Did you try full-screen mode when running the application using 'StatPlanet.html'? The full-screen error should not be appearing then. The 'testing' message indeed appears, but should disappear once it has been uploaded to the licensed website - *.goe.go.kr.
The web version was the one which was purchased, and if you run into any problems using it on your domain please let me know and I will help resolve it. Regarding the included desktop version (StatPlanet.exe) - this is a free version developed to demonstrate the display of the Korean language font within StatPlanet. I will look into the full-screen issue with this version.
Best wishes,