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Problem visualizing the map


First of all thank you very much for making this tool OpenSource and available to everyone! I am new to StatPlanet and I have to admit that from the very beginning I am having some trouble to use it, especially because it seems to me it is quite "browser/version" dependent.

Let me give you some examples:
When I download your examples, of the world and of USA, I can see without any problems with Microsoft Edge.

I created a map of the Sahel, starting from the ESRI Shape files. I followed the instructions you provided on the User Guide to load it on the excel. When I tried to open it with Microsoft Edge (2019 version), it did not work. The error displayed was "Invalid ID in map/map.txt".

After that I realized I could tweak Firefox with the privacy setting to use it, and I could circumvent the previous problem.

I created a new map of the African continent containing the Sahel region. I can display it on Firefox, however when I click on the "+" arrow to zoom in, the map disappears.
I sent the map to a collegue who uses Microsoft Edge version 44.17763.831.0 2018. In the excel spreadsheet, he changed the settings "Allow zoom in with mouse wheel". Afterwards it worked and he could zoom-in.

I did the same, however it still doesn't work on firefox.

Could you please help me out?