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Stat Planet not respecting divisions on map.

Dear all,

I'm working with a shapefile that I modified in QGIS 1.8.0 and now want to project on STAT PLANET PLUS. The shapefile contains a map of a state in Mexico. To this map I added the municipalities and then I divided it into 1200 features (small squared regions). Then I attached weather information to each and every one of the 1200 features. The thing is when projecting it with STAT PLANET PLUS it only takes a random position of one of the categories of the information I attached, and this for the whole municipality even though its is divided into many features, say 20 or 30 small squares (each feature should have its own information).

When I project the map without the municipalities, only the state and then divide it into many features, then it shows different information for each feature (as it should be). Do you have any idea why it is not respecting it when adding the municipalities!? Please let me know, its driving me a little crazy.

Thanks for your time!

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Sorry to hear about this issue. Did you ensure each feature has a unique name/identifier in the sheets 'Import' and 'data'? (matching the unique identifier in the shapefile DBF). From your description, picking information from only one of the features is what would happen if the features have the same identifying name/code. I hope that helps.



Duplicates should not occur in either the selected ID or the selected Names column. Each column will be read separately and not in combination. As well as duplicate names / IDs, the reported behaviour can also occur if individual shapes within a shapefile overlap each other, which can happen if different geographies have been merged in the same Shapefile.
Multiple Shapefile layers are described by me on the StatSilk website http://statsilk.com/maps/merge-multiple-map-layers-single-shapefile-usin...
Hope this helps!

thankyou both for your answer! let me try it and ill get back to you!